Author: oliverwjarvis

Oliver Jarvis is a digital producer for the BBC World Service and is currently based in London. Previously he was a reporter for China Global Television Network (CGTN), and before that the Online Editor and In-house writer for Asian Geographic Magazines, and a columnist for Southeast Asia.
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The world’s best places for shark diving

From Jaws to Sharknado, the world has been fascinated by the power and physique of the ocean’s apex predators. Often misrepresented as bloodthirsty and spiteful killers by Hollywood cinema screens and newspaper headlines, education about marine life is slowly flooding the globe to help change this inaccurate perception of sharks.

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The octopus: 11 freaky facts

Easily the most bizarre creature in the sea, the humble octopus is a cephalopod of many talents, with DNA like that of no other animal (described by one scientist as looking as though it had been rearranged in a blender). An octopus also holds the record for longest brood period of any creature, with one octo-mum tending her eggs for 4.5 years! Facts suggest there to be 289 recognised species of octopus, and all species have distinct characteristics, from the giant octopus, which can grow up to 9 metres across, to the Wolfi, the world’s smallest octopus, which measures only 1.5 centimetres and weighs less than a gram.

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10 Courses to play before you die

A golfer is gifted with the guiltless ability to be able to disappear for a weekend on a golf trip, unlike its counterpart the rugby tour; which is often viewed in a negative light of drunken chants, mindless courting and impertinent initiations. It’s the reputation that a golf trip has that enables a man to visit the most beautiful and obscene places in the world, whatever his motive is. So to help you achieve your inner golfing hedonist, we give you our golf course bucket list. From New Jersey to China we bring you our pick of the best, the most exotic and the most enthralling golf courses, in the world…

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Interview with Will Self – 10 novels that every gentleman should have in his library

A library is a gentleman’s hideaway from the world, the sanctuary from in-house disputes and a place for free thought. Within it he can do what he wants; learn the Saxophone, commence a novel or even install a 12 x 6 ft Snooker table, it doesn’t matter. It is his. Often though, a gentleman’s library will be full of literature that has been underhandedly recommended by friends, taken from a Grandfather’s storage box or suggested by Google’s People also searched for…