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15 Things the British do best

It’s our behaviour, cuisine and heritage that often mystifies nations from around the world; seeing us as snobby cavaliers or colonial prospectors, we’re stuck in the rut of a past time that we no longer live. But that’s what makes us quintessentially British – it’s our rejection of the modern way that so many different countries find hilarious, delusional or at times exemplary. To help you identify with this further, gentlemen, we bring you the 15 things that we British do best:

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Riding through hell in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia (SEA) may be the up and coming place to party, work or ‘find yourself’ – but these luxuries and drunken-fuelled epiphanies can sometimes be surrounded by Good Morning Vietnam-esque scenes of poverty and corruption. Currently based in one of the most advanced SEA cities, Singapore, I decided to travel to Cambodia; a third world country renowned for its ‘Jungle Atlantis’ and backdrop role in Tomb Raider, but also a country still trying to forget the disturbed memory of the Khmer Rouge regime.