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Divers Discover Ancient Roman Shipwreck in Israel

For over 200 years the most extensive political and social structure in Western civilisation, the Roman Empire, dominated the land and seas of the Western world. But like all great empires, it grew too vast. Over the many years of its decline, territory was stolen and land broken up like puzzle pieces, and its once great architecture, objects and emperors fell, even sank, to ruin – waiting to be discovered.

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10 Courses to play before you die

A golfer is gifted with the guiltless ability to be able to disappear for a weekend on a golf trip, unlike its counterpart the rugby tour; which is often viewed in a negative light of drunken chants, mindless courting and impertinent initiations. It’s the reputation that a golf trip has that enables a man to visit the most beautiful and obscene places in the world, whatever his motive is. So to help you achieve your inner golfing hedonist, we give you our golf course bucket list. From New Jersey to China we bring you our pick of the best, the most exotic and the most enthralling golf courses, in the world…