Scuba Diver Ocean Planet: 5 reasons why you should get your hands on the 2015 special edition

They say one of the best ways to improve at whatever you try in life, be it swimming, writing etc., is to have a guide. This guide could help you improve as a person, teach you new skills or just make you aware of who and what is already out there.

Scuba Diver OCEAN PLANET’s Through The Lens special edition is our way of giving you, our reader, the ultimate guide to inspirational underwater shooters; from the first colour photograph to dogs jumping into swimming pools, you will journey through the life, and many lives, of underwater photography. Just like a charismatic friend at a stock broker’s soiree, we’ll introduce you to some of the biggest names in the business, who will help develop your knowledge and understanding of photography with their own personal touch.

1. An incredible gallery of some of the greatest underwater photos, ever

We’ve picked award winning wide-angles to images that changed the way the world viewed life below the surface. You’ll find secret deep-sea wrecks in crystal clear waters, free diving encounters with humpback whales and you’ll even stare down the throat of a curious leopard seal, each photograph bringing its own unique voice from the ocean.

2. The ONLY compendium of more than 100 inspirational underwater shooters from around the world

Alongside some incredible household names, you’ll find up-and-coming superstars that have shot their way from local coffee-table magazines to international publications. It’s the perfect chance to learn about shooters from around the world, and build your very own collection of underwater images, from the freezing cryptic caves of Russia to the warm tropics of Raja Ampat, there’s never been an issue quite like this.

3. Learn the equipment and settings secrets of the pros

You’ll find a complete behind-the-scenes insight into what makes these pictures great, with each image listing the photo settings and equipment used, so that you can try and follow suit. See how the experts play around with shutter speed to create an active image, or lower the aperture to get a greater depth of field and more feeling in the picture. It’s the perfect reference guide for those looking to experiment with their photographs, and those trying to capture something unique.

4. Pearls of wisdom from some of the world’s greatest photographers

Take tips from those in-the-know on how to get and improve your shots. In this issue we include expert advice on growing as a photographer, whilst giving you an insight into each shooter’s biography to help you find inspiration. Finally, you can learn the experts’ take on capturing great shots in the field, and their own personal journey to becoming a household name.

5. Dedicated, completely, to photography

From the undisturbed Doubilet front-cover to extraordinary double page spreads, we have let the photographers and their photographs do the talking. This might just be the most aesthetically stimulating issue that we’ve ever published.

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122 Shooters


1–2. Hans & Lotte Hass 3. Bruce Mozert 4. Luis Marden 5. Jacques-Yves Cousteau 6. Charles Martin 7. Ernie Brooks 8. Stan Waterman 9. David Doubilet 10. Bates Littlehales 11–12. Ron & Valerie Taylor 13–14. Michele & Howard Hall 15. Paul Nicklen 16. Brian Skerry 17. Akira Tateishi

Inspiring Shooters

(This list is not intended to be definitive, nor is it a ranking. This is simply presented as a selection of inspiring underwater shooters, from around the world, arranged alphabetically by surname.)

1. Eduardo Acevedo 2. Imran Ahmad 3. Kurt Amsler 4. Michael Aw 5. Roland Bach 6. Laurent Ballesta 7. Franco Banfi 8. Mike Bartick 9. Rico Besserdich 10. Daniel Botelho 11. Todd Bretl 12. Jett Britnell 13. Fred Buyle 14. Seth Casteel 15. Giorgio Cavallaro 16. Eric Cheng 17. Cathy Church 18. Brandon Cole 19. Amanda Cotton 20. Bill Curtsinger 21. Ellen Cuylaerts 22. Ethan Daniels 23. Jacques De Vos 24–25. Anna & Ned DeLoach 26. Christian Dimitrius 27. Matt Doggett 28. Todd Essick 29. David Fleetham 30. Jürgen Freund 31. Tobias Friedrich 32. Stephen Frink 33. Lynn Funkhouser 34. Mauricio Handler 35. Jennifer Hayes 36. Jill Heinerth 37. Shawn Heinrichs 38. Paul Hilton 39. Yoshi Hirata 40. Tim Ho 41. Zena Holloway 42. Jason Isley 43. Henry Jager 44. Darren Jew 45. Steve Jones 46–47. Burt Jones & Maurine Shimlock 48. Elena Kalis 49. Alex Kirkbride 50. Noam Kortler 51. Emory Kristof 52. Gregory Lecoeur 53. René Lippmann 54. Viktor Lyagushkin 55. Robert Margaillan 56. Richard Meng 57. Todd Mintz 58. Adriano Morettin 59. Alex Mustard 60. Amos Nachoum 61. Chris Newbert 62. Flip Nicklin 63. Chuck Nicklin 64. Gianni Pechhiar 65. Doug Perrine 66. Thomas Peschak 67. Wolfgang Poelzer 68. Scott Portelli 69. Norbert Probst 70. Tim Rock 71. Nuno Sá 72. Anders Salesjö 73. Andrew Sallmon 74. Nicholas Samaras 75. Howard Schatz 76. Douglas David Seifert 77. Christian Skauge 78. Michaela Skovranova 79. Harald Slauschek 80. Matthew Smith 81. Marty Snyderman 82. Mark Strickland 83. Bartosz Stróżyński 84. Yorko Summer 85. Indra Swari 86. William Tan 87. Werner Thiele 88. Vincent Truchet 89. Scott Tuason 90. Takako Uno 91. Pasquale Vassallo 92. Mike Veitch 93. Carlos Villoch 94. Allison Vitsky 95. Christian Vizl 96. Michele Westmoorland 97. Berkley White 98. Keri Wilk 99. Todd Winner 100. Aaron Wong 101. Stephen Wong 102. Wu Lixin 103. Norbert Wu 104. Tony Wu 105. Alexey Zaitsev

*The selection process took into consideration every photographer’s awardswon, print media publications, books, workshops and guided trips, speaker engagements, their contribution to the diving industry, and any pioneering work in terms of technique or creativity. Of course, we know that there are so many more people who could and should be on this list, but the limits of print publishing mean that we had to stop somewhere! We also regret that we were unable to include photographs for everyone, but we will be running their images on this website so watch this space.

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