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Oliver Jarvis is a Digital Editor and Reporter for China Global Television Network (CGTN). Previously the Online Editor and In-house writer for Asian Geographic Magazines, and a columnist for Southeast Asia, he is now based in Nairobi, Kenya. Once a lifestyle writer for The Gentleman’s Journal, and presenter for Radio Brunel, Oliver decided to change his "game" and cover topics that actually matter. Ultimately he wishes one day to have made enough money to retire with a Pina Colada on an isolated beach - a little like Tom Hanks in Castaway, but without the beat-up football.
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Reporter’s Diary: One Maasai’s fight against female genital mutilation

10 years ago, the sound of shouting and banging fists on the front gate of the “Safe House” would keep Agnes Pareyio awake at night. The commotion: Parents demanding the return of their girls so they could go through the traditional female Maasai rite of passage, ukeketaji, to become a woman.